UCLA Girl's Racist Rant, Remixed--a Bunch of Times

UCLA Girl's Racist Rant, Remixed--a Bunch of Times

You knew it was going to happen: Wannabe model Alexandra Wallace, now infamous as the UCLA girl who posted a racist rant against Asian students on YouTube, is not only all over the news, but she's also gotten her rant remixed. More than once. And her video was first posted over the WEEKEND. (Watch them all after the jump.)
The thee-minute video has Wallace trashing Asian students at UCLA; according to her, Asians are spoiled (their whole families come to their apartments to cook and clean and do laundry for them because they can't fend for themselves) and are really noisy in the library.

The worst part? She mimics an Asian student answering a cell phone in the school's library, saying "Ohhhhhhhh! Ching chong ling long ting tong! Ohhhhhhh!" "Hi. In America, we do not talk on our cell phones in the library!"

Oh, wait, maybe that's not the worst part--the worst part might be when she adds, "Five minutes later, it's the same thing, but it's somebody else. It's like they're going through their cell phones, talking to everyone in their families about the tsunami thing." The video was posted on FRIDAY. Yup, the same day the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan and left thousands dead and entire villages wiped out.

According to our sister paper LA Weekly, "University spokesman Phil Hampton told the Daily Bruin last night that the video was 'repugnant' and couldn't confirm if Wallace was actually enrolled at UCLA."

Check out the original rant, then the remixes. I think people can do better--I mean, c'mon! How can you go wrong with "ching chong ling long ting tong" as a hook?!

Here's the original rant:

And now, the hip-hop remix!

And a dub-step mix!

And another dub-step remix, possibly better than the last one!


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