Top Ten Horror Punk Bands

Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave
Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave
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No better way to celebrate Halloween and the season of Fall, than by blasting horror punk. Ah yes, the classic sounds of hardcore punk rock, with hints of goth, death rock, rockabilly, shock rock, psychobilly, metal and even sometimes industrial and pop music.

This musical subset of punk, is a sure way to go if you like songs about zombies, sci-fi, old horror films, monsters and other tales of gloom, mystery,morbidity, in many instances taken from comics, cult films and pop culture's obsession with violence, and the macabre.

We now present ten horror punk bands you need to know this creepy season:

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10. Haunted Garage

Based out of LA this band and formed in the mid '80s. Today, founding member Dukey Flyswatter -- a low budget actor from such cult films as

Surf Nazis Must Die


Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

-- leads Haunted Garage. Haunted Garage broke up and was on a hiatus from 1993 until to 2013, when the Flyswatter resurrected the band, and self labeled the music as "splatter punk." Inspired by horror-movie culture, the band's music a wacked-out freak show hybrid of doom metal, shock rock and punk Halloween-friendly type of music that is confrontational, at times repulsive to watch, and eerie to listen to. If you like chainsaws, freaks in make up, transvestites, slime wrestling, and bands such as Rosemary's Billygoat, Green Jelly or The Dwarves, you will probably enjoy Haunted Garage. The band plays regularly around Southern California and most recently performed at the Long Beach Zombie Walk.

9. Radioactive Chicken Heads

Perhaps more of a comedy-punk band than a horror-punk act, this cult poultry-punk band is also very influenced by the likes of GWAR and Green Jelly, but take a lighter approach to creating a mix of punk, metal and rock set to a cast of cartoon-like characters, bizarre story lines and outrageous costumes, antics and props. The band revolves around a group of mutated chickens and vegetables, made by a mad scientist in a lab. Since 1994, these musical mutants have appeared on

The Tyra Banks Show

, toured the country with Green Jelly and tons of other bands, recorded three full albums, and have even had a video game created after the concept of the band.

8. Plan 9

Plan 9 first started out in Oakland as a one-time Misfits tribute band. But after they began playing shows, word of mouth hit the streets and people started flocking to the band's performances. Many swore the band recreated the raw energy or the original version of the Misfits, and buzz around the band soared. The band's album contains original material as well as covers of the Misfits; Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig (both of whom have worked with the band). Plan 9's debut album, 2004's

8 Hits From Hell

, gained them a following of rabid fans that loved the Misfits worship. Be sure to check out the 2008 album,

Manmade Monster

, for 13 original tracks. Tragedy struck however in late 2008 when singer Aaron Fuller was killed in a motorcycle accident near Oakland.

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