I miss Gwen Stefani!
I miss Gwen Stefani!

Top Five Videos with Cheerleaders in Them According to Jonathan McDaniel

Funny man Jonathan McDaniel is back reprising his role as German Vega for the second season of the VH-1 smash show "Hit The Floor" on Monday May 26th. And since some of you can't get enough of this man (and why would you want to?), he's also dropping a new album that'll be available on iTunes Tuesday May 27th called "Born a S.T.A.R." Over here at the Weekly, we love Mr. McDaniel and figured since he has more than enough interaction with sexy cheerleaders on his show, who better to ask then him to point out some videos where these lovely, flexible, and gifted ladies are represented? Exactly. There's no one better. That's why we hit him up for his picks for the "Top 5 Videos with Cheerleaders in Them."

5. Taylor Swift, "You Belong With Me"

Jonathan McDaniel: I really admire Taylor as an artist, I think she's very talented. Even though I've never been able to see one of them as of yet, I also hear she gives a great show. I feel like her videos are always creative and have a lot to do with her own creativity when it comes to the ideas of what she really wants them to come across like. I really admire and respect that about her as an artist. With the song and video for "You Belong With Me" in particular, it seems like she was really having a good time with the ideas and the visuals.

4. Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit

I love Nirvana! Kurt Cobain was one of the best! I feel like this video is so great because it has that old school 80's type feel as far as the way it was shot. Nirvana was a really creative band and they were one of a kind. Everything that they did was really original and this record has always been one of my favorites to listen to. It's a great written record and I think this video is really dope!

3. Busta Rhymes, "Touch It"

Oh yeah, come on! I had to pick Busta Rhymes because when it comes to hip-hop style, Busta is one of the most original in the game! He has always stayed relevant and done records that make people remember why he's Busta Rhymes. When he signed with Dr. Dre, "Touch It" was just one of those records that when he came back you were like, once again Busta reinvents himself. Damn! He's that good that he can constantly put out records for the times and they work. I don't know if you remember but the remixes were so crazy too! There were like, fifteen to twenty people trying to get on it! This track is crazy!

2. My Chemical Romance, "Teenagers"

You know, I really admire My Chemical Romance because their music is always touching and emotional. It always makes you feel something and whether it's happy or sad, you just feel their energy through their songs. I like them because they really come from the heart and from a great place inside and as an artist, I can respect that because that's how I like to be. They're very in tune with their emotions when it comes to putting out their music so obviously their videos are going to be the same. Bands like this always have great visuals because their music is so deep.

1. Gwen Stefani, "Hollaback Girl"

I miss Gwen Stefani! There are a lot of great new artists that are coming out now and I wouldn't say that they are biting off of her style but, it seems like they may have been birthed out of her swag. Gwen Stefani is one of the originators of that rap/singing style. She also had such a different style though. She was so dope with the way that she approached every track and that's why she was able to work with so many producers and writers. "Hollaback Girl" is just one of those records and with that drum line beat, it reminds you of high school. It captures the whole audience and that make bands want to play this song at football games and at rallies because it just captures that moment. This song is just so incredible and her swag on this song is just so dope. You just had to like it! You couldn't fight it!

Be sure to tune in for the season two premiere (or set your DVR's) of "Hit The Floor" on Monday May 26th on VH-1 and pick up Johnathan's new album Born A S.T.A.R. on Tuesday May 27th on iTunes. For more info, check out Johnathan's website www.JonathanMcDanielFans.com and follow him on Twitter @LilJsBack.

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