Closing (your eyes) time...
Closing (your eyes) time...

Top Five Songs Sure to Help You Get Some Sleep

There are many reasons that one may not be able to sleep. And sometimes, the typical options--drugs, prayer, crying--just aren't enough to help you get some shut eye. Well all have work to finish, deadlines to meet, and it's hard do accomplish those tasks when you're a zombie all day long. For those of you that battle the insomnia demons, we've come up with a playlist that should lull your ass straight into dreamland.

5- Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends

First and foremost, we're aware that this is a sad song that could possibly strike a somber chord to some. But, there is a lot to be said about crying yourself to sleep. Tears flowing are caused by both the good and the bad and it never fails that at the end of an excellent tear flow, exhaustion will set in. Cranking up "Wake Me Up When September Ends" in your headphones could be just what the doctor ordered with no prescription necessary.

4- Maroon 5- I Won't Go Home Without You

Ok here we go again with another "semi-sad" tune. It really all depends on how you look it though. Adam Levine hints that he cries himself to sleep in this song but let's be realistic, there is no way that is possible if you have eyes at all. (Because he's hot. Duh.) He "might not make it through the night" but again, realistically, this song came out in 2010 so clearly he made it through the night and so can you. You can think about making it "right" or whatever is on that mind of yours in the morning. For now, just shut those pretty little eyes of yours and rest easy knowing that there is always another day.

3- Bush- Glycerine

"I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time" may be part of these lyrics but to be truthful, you aren't alone. With your sleep issues that is. And as Bush croons, "Don't let the days go by" we also agree because with lack of rest, your days and nights will just fly by. Maybe that is not at all what they had in mind and while this song might be one of "woe," no doubt this melodic tune can soothe you right into slumber. Especially if played on repeat. (Yes, we've tested this theory and it totally works.)

2- Incubus - Wish You Were Here

We've all wished that someone was "here" at some point in our lives and if that is what is keeping you awake, we don't think that anyone will fault you for feeling that. That said, you can't spend your whole night running it through your head over and over (and over and over) wanting "them" to be there. They aren't. Sorry for the tough love but maybe if you put on this little ditty by Incubus you'll be able to get that out of your system. Hey, maybe a little harsh reality is just what you need and if that doesn't help, we're always here to talk you down.

1- Semisonic- Closing Time

This could go one of two ways. Option one is; you're wasted so gather up your jacket (aka your life) and get the fuck in bed. Option two is; the closing time of your eyes. Wait. Scratch that. We just came up with a third option and that is to combine the two and drink yourself to sleep. Yeah that'll help. Well, until tomorrow when you can't lift your heavy hung-over head off of the pillow.

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