Top Five Sexiest Major Harris Songs
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Top Five Sexiest Major Harris Songs

In yet another case of "gone too soon," Major Harris, who helped popularize the funky sounds of "Philadelphia soul," died November 9th at the age of 65 from congestive heart and lung failure. Lending his vocals to groups like The Teenagers and Nat Turner's Rebellion, Harris was probably best known for his work with soul group the Delfonics and later for his solo career which included his hit that graced the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart called, "Love Won't Let Me Wait."

To commemorate this silky smooth R&B vocalist who brought us some ultra-sexy tunes, here are five songs that feature Major Harris crooning the way only he could do. R.I.P.

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5. Talking to Myself

If there is one thing that is clear to see, it's that Major believed in love whole-heartedly and this ballad showcases just that. Off of his 1976 album Jealousy, this song may be about confusion over why his lover left but there is no doubt in our minds once he opened his mouth and let his pipes blow, she no doubt came running back.

4. "Gotta Make up Your Mind"

This song came off of the 1995 album, "I Believe in Love." While Major crooned most of his songs in a slow and sexy tone, this song showcased a more upbeat tempo and proved that he sure did know how to keep it funky while still staying soulful.

3. "My Way"

Coming off of the 1975 album of the same name, this song may be a remake, but Major really makes it his own. Harris nails a soulful delivery of the Frank Sinatra classic and while it's hard to cover a song as unforgettable as "My Way," Major does a majorly great rendition making this version just as memorable.

2. "La La Means I Love You" (w/ the Delfonics)

This 1968 Delfonics song was one of their most popular and was used in the movie Crooklyn and was also sampled by Ghostface Killah for his song, "Holla." Originally sung with the help of Randy Cain, when he exited the band, Major Harris stepped in and helped to harmonize this hit to perfection.

1. Love Won't Let Me Wait

This song on the 1975 album My Way earned Major a slot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and for good reason. The lyrics tell a sweet tale of the kind of love we all long for, the kind of love you just can't wait for.

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