Tonight! Mêlée Starts Detroit Residency

Tonight! Mêlée Starts Detroit Residency

Mêlée begins a month-long residency (8 p.m. at the Detroit Bar), with Echo Echo opening for their first performance. A special treat: Solid Gold (the band Jamie Lidell just finished touring with) is on the bill too.
According to KUCI's Ned Raggett: "The Orange County quartet (Mêlée) has the kind of career that almost can catch you by surprise, with singles and albums and compilation cuts appearing steadily over the course of the previous decade; come 2010 and they're still fighting the good fight, firing up the piano playing along with the guitar work."

From Justin Shady's review of the Lidell show last Thursday: They might not have that much history behind them just yet (their debut album Bodies of Water was released in 2008) but their dynamic on stage and with the audience emits an aura of well-seasoned professionalism.

With material from both their debut album and their new EP, Solid Gold managed to dig up a bit of eighties nostalgia without it coming across as over the top or ridiculously cheesy. Like so many acts of today, they're not a gimmicky band who rely heavily on the sounds of twenty-five years ago; instead, they're a solid (sorry, but it's true) group of musicians who occasionally dip their toes into the waters of that bygone (thank Christ) era. Although, they do offer a sweet cover of Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone." (It's on the new EP; check it out here.)

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