TONIGHT: LMFAO at Sutra Lounge

TONIGHT: LMFAO at Sutra Lounge

If you still have any money left over over after paying the IRS (or maybe you're one of the lucky ones who got some cash back), we suggest you get your ass over to Sutra tonight for 


. Make sure to practice your drunk face before you go.

The Sutra stage is a prime territory for these raucous, Day-Glo members of Berry Gordy's family tree. And considering they haven't really ventured into the OC for a little while (probably not since the Powerhouse concert last year), we're expecting them to get quite a welcome from all you Costa Mesa club-hoppers. Aside from being at the craziest party in town, you'll finally get a chance to actually do shots... to their song "Shots." Seriously, how great is that? Tickets are $25 at the door. DJ Eye is also spinning tonight.


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