Delmos Wade aka Jud Nester
Delmos Wade aka Jud Nester

TOMORROW: Delmos Wade at Commonwealth Lounge

Recently, Long Beach soul singer Jud Nester hit the ground running with his new project Delmos Wade, a truly legit offering of "Long Beach Blue Eyed Soul Swagger." At least that's what he and the band are calling it. He's stopping by to play at the Commonwealth Lounge in downtown Fullerton tomorrow night. You interested? You should be.

Nester's prolific work with his new band has been turning some heads. The DW sound is definitely something you'd expect from a Raphael Saadiq-indebted crooner like Nester, a co-founding member of Costa Mesa culture collective Abstract Workshop. For this project, Nester's also been collaborating with Long Beach turntable wizard 

DJ Greyboy

, creating a batch of smooth vibes that evoke early D'Angelo with a dash of Remy Shand. Check 'em out when they come through Fullerton. In the meantime, sit back, pour yourself a sip of Courvoisier and listen to one of their latest jams, "Shoot the Breeze."


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