Today's Aww-Inducing Concert Story

Today's Aww-Inducing Concert Story

Our account manager Nikki Pierce was at the Hootenanny last weekend and saw a cute little 4-year-old girl playing guitar on stage with Chuck Berry. The little girl knew all the words to his songs. After he was done with his set and trying to get to his car, people were bombarding him trying to get pictures and autographs. But when he spotted that same little girl, he gave her $20 for playing with him. We tracked the girl's mother down to give you a story with a moral: Bring your kids to good shows!

Michelle Buckner, mom of 4-year-old Rylie, says her husband plays guitar and the whole family listens to a lot of old blues, including BB King, Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry. (Rylie is named after  Riley B. King.)

Rylie loves "Johnny B. Goode" and "Maybelline," so the whole family was really excited that she got to go onstage with a legend. At the concert, Berry asked security to let the Buckner girls onstage. "He just got up and put his guitar in front of her, and Rylie started plucking it. She has her own guitar, but she doesn't know how to play. Still, she was totally excited."

What did Rylie think of Chuck Berry giving her $20? She reportedly told her mom, "I thought he was just showing me his money but he gave me his money!"


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