Things You Already Knew

Whirlwind Heat

Someone might want to let the organizers of Long Beach's Neighborhood Festival know that it's 2006, not 2003: Why else would they book two headling bands—Moving Units and IMA Robot—that insist on flaunting that whole beaten-to-death dance-post-punk shtick? Still, while the festival's lineup might read like years-old Sunset Junction leftovers, both bands are actually really, really good live, I promise. Then again, you probably already knew that. Whatever. Right, so, Moving Units, IMA Robot: not so trendy, but still as good as they were three years ago. Now let's move on.

[Editor's note: This is where Vickie planned to move on and gush about the Cold War Kids, who were supposed to play the fest and whom everyone at the Weekly totally loves. But I can't let her. Why? Because they are in fact not playing. I repeat: They. Are. Not. Playing. Sad face. Times ten.]

Other notable bands performing include the Jack White-approved Pavement-lite Whirlwind Heat and rap/electronica outfit 8-Bit—you know, the people who remixed the hell out of Beck's "Hell Yes" on Guerolito?

So fork over the $25 (but complain loudly while doing so), visit the beer garden, get scened by the CobraSnake, say hi to DJ Devon-Aoki's-brother and don't forget the sunscreen.

Moving Units, IMA Robot and more at Neighborhood Festival at Queen Mary Events Park, 1126 Queens Hwy., Long Beach, (866) 468-3399; Sat., 2 p.m. $25. All ages.

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