The Top Ten Rappers in OC

Costa Mesa's Sage One
Costa Mesa's Sage One

Underground hip-hop is alive and thriving in OC. Anyone who tells you different, isn't listening or paying close enough attention! Last time, the Weekly brought you the top five female rappers in OC. This week, we return with their top ten counterparts--no easy task with the wealth of active talent we regrettably couldn't comprehensively cover. The overall scene is being propelled by a youth movement that, thankfully, shrugs off the corporate radio rap that surrounded their formative years and is anchored by veterans who've been doing their thing for a minute.

Take a listen to the various sounds from around "Juice County" in this list that includes everything from rap en español to raw street hip-hop, reppin' from Anaheim to San Clemente and beyond!

10. Edifica Costa Mesa

Edifica and Zoraida
Edifica and Zoraida

In OC, rockeros have long ruled the Spanish-language music scene for youngsters. But with hip-hop's rise, it's no surprise to see rap en español carving out its own space. It's there that Edifica has claimed his place.

When he's not spinning at a club near you as DJ Kaboom, Edifica flows

en español

. He's been doing so since the Wu-Tang flavored pro-immigrant anthem "Este es el Momento." Edifica's music never shies from political commentary and always uplifts with positive vibes. He'd shared the stage with talented rappers from across Latin America, including Cuba's super group Obsesión and Chile's Ana Tijoux!

9. Hotboi Anaheim

Hotboi Tony
Hotboi Tony

Anaheim is OC's closest thing to having a Chocolate City to call its own, so it's no surprise that a number of MCs on this list hail from there. I first met Hotboi at A-Unique Barbershop in Anaheim where they played his cut "All Time High" off the iPod and where his CD is posted up above the entrance.

Hotboi is the most relaxed rhymer you'll find in the county. His smooth delivery is evident on "Disciple." Listen to enough of his music and you'll feel like your blunted on an 'all time high' yourself!

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