The New Limb Tour Diaries: Days 3 & 4

The New Limb Tour Diaries: Days 3 & 4

(Alt-pop four-piece the New Limb went on tour for the first time EVER, so they're sending Heard Mentality missives from the road. They're
going to take turns guest blogging; on their third and fourth days on the road, Dan Perez and Lauren Salamone give us the scoop. Read their first entry here.--Ed.)

Day 3: Redding, Calif.

Dear Portland,
I've heard so much about you, but have never met you. My friends have spent time with
you, some have even grown up with you. I, however, don't know you. I still have about
eight hours until I reach you. I'm leaving Redding, Calif., right now. This is going to be the
longest stretch of our tour, and if I didn't have you to look forward to, I don't think I would
survive it. I've heard about VooDoo doughnuts, The New Limb will actually be playing
next door to it tonight. I've also heard about your movie theaters that have couches
and beer. I've seen pictures of your rivers and forests. You make this drive worth it.
Enough about you, let's talk about me.
Just yesterday we were in San Jose playing at Streetlight Records. We played on a little stage in a big record store for normal sized people with big hearts. I saw a few familiar faces, met some people who came out to see us for the first time. I think you would have liked them. Before the show we actually went to a nearby outdoor mall and handed out some CD samplers to people. We also did this in Frisco and plan on doing it with you tonight. I'm always a little weary of giving people fliers or CDs on the street, but everyone has been really receptive so far. It might be because we're from out of town and that's seems more exciting to people, I know it would seem exciting to me. Overall, San Jose was great. The people dug it and we felt good about it. I feel comfortable saying tour has been 3 for 3. I hope that you approve of our show tonight.

Oh Portland, I can't wait to finally meet you. I know there is no way I will be disappointed
with you. I only hope that you receive me with as much excitement as I bring to you.

Until tonight, with love and anticipation,
(Guitarist/vocalist Dan Perez wrote this before they played in Portland last Thursday.)

Day 4: Portland, Ore.

The New Limb Tour Diaries: Days 3 & 4

We left Redding at 8 a.m. from our Howard Johnson Hotel for our eight hour drive to Portland. I believe this is the only hotel stay we have booked for the trip, and I'm glad for it. The hotel was fine, but it's nothing compared to our house stays we have had so far. So we filled up our trailer tires with air, prayed that they will survive the rest of the trip, and headed north. Along the way, we stopped in a tiny town in Oregon called Oakland, where we shared a picnic table with some local teen skaters and ate PB&J sandwiches. They were super nice and talkative, and enthusiastically told us about the skatepark they've been raising money to build. They gave us hugs and we gave them some free music. We then arrived in Portland around 4 p.m. with our windows down, and Adam and Joey kicking and screaming to get out of the car and move around.

The New Limb Tour Diaries: Days 3 & 4

First stop: Voo Doo Doughnuts! (Get the Maple Bacon Bar). But before we start walking there, we were immediately attacked by a rabid transient! This lady, (or man...?) came up to our car just as we stepped out, with her witch-like finger raised up to me and said "Who's the girl?" with a deep, slow, croaking voice like that of a witch in a cartoon movie. We said thanks to her for welcoming us so nicely to her city.

After some wandering around and meeting our old friends Jess and Bill, we unloaded our gear in to Berbati's Pan. A guy named Glitch did our soundcheck and it sounded awesome. Berbati's has a great stage, great room and a really cool disco ball. Everything was becoming a blur for me and moving by quickly, I think from the huge sugar rush from the doughnut as well as the caffeine from this new caffeinated VitaminWater drink. The first band was called The Iveys, from El Paso, Texas. The three singers were siblings and harmonized beautifully. Next up, a new band called Sunnyside, from Portland. Both bands were extremely friendly and excited to play together. I was still feeling weird from the caffeine and was trying to balance out by drinking several Tall Boy PBR's. The disco ball lights bouncing on the floor kept scaring me (I thought they were mice running at my feet); I think the Sunnyside boys thought I was slightly, mentally-insane. But the show went well! I hope to play (and eat) in Portland many more times. We'll be back in Portland next Tuesday just to hang out and maybe see Dusty Rhodes and the River Band at the Doug Fir.

Lauren Salamone, keys and vocals


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