The Funniest Tweets From the ESPY Awards.

Double Lance Cam!
Double Lance Cam!

God dammit we hate to say this BUT...Drake did a pretty fantastic job of hosting the 2014 ESPY Awards last night. Between spouting off on Blake Griffin, Donald Sterling, LeBron James, and killing it with the "Lance Cam," Drake actually left us in happy tears rather than the way we like to talk about him being in tears. (Because he's soft. Duh.) Not everyone will agree with our assessment of Drake's hosting duties but nonetheless, in our opinion, the award show was pretty stellar.

Highlights included the inspirational speech given by Stuart Scott (that left us in inspired tears), Michael Sam actually being in tears, the "USA" chant when the US soccer team won, and the wardrobe choices that were less than inspiring (Yeah, we're looking at you Westbrook). And while they crowned the best of the best on the ESPY Awards, some peeps on social media sat back in judgment and let the hilarity fly. Oh you missed it? Not to worry because we trolled what was killing our Twitter feed and it kept us sidetracked from the festivities all while keeping us in stitches.

The Funniest Tweets From the ESPY Awards.

In case you missed Drake's opening it is.

It's all fun and games on Twitter but in honor of Stuart Scott we'd like to shout out "The V Foundation for Cancer Research." Please donate if you can by going to

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