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The Best Orange County Metal Shows in October

So we know last month was super insane for the region in terms of concerts, and in particular metal shows. From all the national tours hitting the area, headlining massive festivals and the local fix of underground gigs, the flood of live music continues this month in the OC, as we celebrate the Fall season, with Halloween and beyond it means one thing: more metal shows. We've got everything from Christian metal, nu metal, crossover thrash and everything in between.

Metalachi at Dipiazza's 
October 7th
Get ready for another genre-bending musical quest into the world of Mexican Mariachi music and heavy metal. This band of hairy, humorous Hispanics will be the night's entertainment. If you love bands like Motorhead, Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, then you might dig this band. But, don't be fooled, as they mix it up with the metal songs they chose to play. Metalachi ain't afraid to covers songs by bands like Van Halen, Def Leopard, Queen KISS, Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, AC/DC and more, hard rock oriented bands. But, all in all, for a night out in Long Beach, this show can't be beat, and over the years fans have come to love the world's first, one and only Mariachi Heavy Metal band.

Discharge, Eyehategod (feat. vocalist Randy Blythe from Lamb of God) at the Observatory 
October 8

Legendary UK anarchist speed metal punks Discharge are about to embark on a US tour of several lucky cities and you know they are making three local stops in the LA/OC area. With a sound drenched in fury, aggression and rage against oppression, corruption, exploitation and wars, the band has been going at it for four decade strong, and have influenced so many thrash, punk and metal bands it's too many to list. Expect sheer madness and an infinite circle pit to form. Joining this band will be Southern Sludge/Doom masters Eyehategod, who will feature a special guest vocalist, as original singer Mike Williams is sitting out this tour due to urgent health issues. Filling in for Williams will be fellow metal singer Randy Blythe, from the Virginia based band Lamb of God. Blythe and Williams go back as friends in the scene for decades, and it will be interesting to hear a different singer take on Eyehategod's demanding set. Opening the show are neo-thrash metal punks Toxic Holocaust plus local sci-fi grind favorites Graf Orlock, along with the bands Teeth, and Plagues. They show is also happening a few days later at the Glass House on October 11.

Musrhoomhead at The City National Grove of Anaheim
October 14

If you love your nu metal presented by eight dudes in outfits and bizarre masks, served with hints of industrial hard rock and more, then be sure to check out Mushroomhead, not to be confused with the other nine-man masked band of metal miscreants from Iowa, known as Slipknot. Mushroomhead hail from Cleveland Ohio, and formed in the mid 1990s. What began as a side project morphed into a full fledged group that's released seven albums and sold over 8 million records to date. The band has gained a rabid fan base by touring the the world over the years. Known to synthesize a heavy, tripped out stage show full of shock rock antics, the band has made it known they have an affinity for playing in smaller to mid size venues. This show is worth checking out, for some heavy nu metal nostalgia.

Stryper at The City National Grove of Anaheim
October 16th 

Who would have forseen that in 1983 when a Christian hard rock/metal band known as Stryper would eventually become one of he first mainstream Christian metal bands? Through the 1980s and 90s, the band has never let its religion for Jesus get in the way of rocking out. In fact, to the contrary, the band’s message of hope, prayers, and faith comes out in its albums and songs. Vocalist Michael Sweet and guitarist Oz Fox are joined by drummer Robert Sweet and bassist Timmothy Gaines. Stryper is a world acclaimed and renowned Christian metal band, and have been one of the few to retain their overt faith and message of love, with the Christian community and the mainstream hard rock/metal scene. Musicianship is key, and the band’s live performances are known to be top notch. This is the band’s 30th anniversary of the seminal album,To Hell With the Devil. Expect a lot of anthemic and inspirational sing alongs for this show in Anaheim.

DRI and the Dwarves at The Yost Theater
October 28

DRI is a band that is full of integrity, because with more than three decades on the metal/punk scene the band has never compromised its sound, image or way of life, despite financial, and health problems along the way. This is true, crossover thrash punk; speed metal the way it was in its purest form, and the spirit of this music is kept alive by bands like DRI who keep touring no matter what. Expect nothing short of utter chaos in one (or more ) swirling mosh pits. As if the DRI set was not enough, fans will also get a chance to witness a set by the legendary nihilistic and shock rock vibe style of punk band the Dwarves who will also wreck havoc upon the Santa Ana crowd. Be prepared for anything at this show, all Hell could break loose in the pit, but all in good fun of course.

Dope at The City National Grove of Anaheim
October 29 

It has been a while since anyone heard from industrial nu metal band Dope. But that is changing, as band leader Edsel Dope decided to revive a band that was once considered to be peers with artists like Static X, Fear Factory and others who used industrial music with various forms of heavy metal to create a hybrid that still resonates and influences so many bands today. Dope never were mainstream popular they have toured national tours and opened for everyone from Black Label Society and Alice Cooper to Static X and Suicide Silence and everyone in between. Support on the show will be even more nu metal nostalgia, from the bands Flaw and Motograter, making one wonder if this is 2016 or 2003. Opening the show will be newly formed LA based metal band Circle of Punishment. Perfect for your pre-Halloween festivities.


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