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Death By Stereo
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The Best OC Metal Shows in October

Only three more months left in 2017, and we all know that despite the constant influx of metal shows we are used to year-round, October doesn’t disappoint in regards to live music, and heavy metal is at the top of our list. Halloween awaits us in less than a month, so in preparation for the spooky times ahead, here is our list of best metal concerts in the area.

October 6
Death By Stereo, with Union 13, and others
Alex’s Bar

Local punk/hardcore/metal hybrid Death By Stereo will bring their supercharged live show to blowout the speakers and the capacity of Alex’s Bar in Long Beach. Get ready to be packed like sardines for this semi-hometown gig, and fans are known to go off anytime DBS plays live. Death By Stereo’s furious five-piece led by singer Efrem Schulz has been on the scene for almost 20 years, and the band has shared the stage worldwide with everyone from Bad Religion and NOFX to Slipknot and Obituary, making their fan base a sold mix of punks and metalheads. Also appearing are East LA punk favorites of 25 years, Union 13, among other openers. This show is sure to rage.

October 8
Between the Buried and Me
The Glasshouse (Sold Out)

Experimental, prog metal, call it whatever you want, but Between the Buried and Me play an eclectic and technical interpretation of heavy rock, that since 2000 has defied and destroyed preconceived notions of what heavy music should sound like. Mixing the influences of everyone from Queen, and Opeth to Dream Theater and Death, Between the Buried and Me never leave fans bored, as their music and sound is full of bright, talented and passionate musicians. With eight albums under its belt and numerous tours around the world, the band’s stop in Pomona for a sold-out show at the Glasshouse will be something special. If you don’t have tickets, good look trying to get 'em!

October 11
Lords of Acid Christian Death, & Combichrist October
The Wayfarer

Perfect for Halloween time, this isn’t necessarily metal in its purest form, but nonetheless, the dark vibe and aggressive nature will be found in this show, which features iconic death rock band Christian Death. But to be clear, the band performs no songs off of the classic debut album Only Theater of Pain featuring the late Rozz Williams, instead the band focuses on current material and songs from albums after Only Theater of Pain, with Valor Kand on vocals and guitar and bassist Maitri, this cryptic goth group isn’t the band it once was over three decades ago, but still lives on with a new generation of dark inspired music. Perhaps the most aggressive on this bill, Combichrist is like what would be the music of a Satanic rave. Part evil techno and macabre industrial, part Satanic EDM, the band performs in clubs and venues more suitable for raves and dance parties but also has toured with everyone from Danzig, Toxic Holocaust, 3TEETH, and Devildriver. Headlining this show is the European American industrial techno band, Lords of Acid, whose illustrious, dark, trippy career has dabbled in a punk-infused, sex-saturated form of shock rock, all while maintaining the dance music sound their fans have adored for the now approaching 30 years. Get ready to mingle and dance the night away with all the freaks, miscreants and ghouls in Costa Mesa.

October 20,
The Glasshouse

Translated from Spanish, Brujeria means "Witchcraft" or "Satanism". It is the perfect name for this legendary Mexican American death metal grindcore band, whose members and origins were at a time more mysterious than they are now. Formed in Tijuana, Mexico in 1989, the band has featured over 15 musicians all performing under pseudonyms to protect their supposed (fictitious) drug cartel affiliations. Brujeria has been led from the beginning by front hombre, Juan Brujo, who is the voice (singing entirely in Spanish) behind the musical tales about sex, narcotics trafficking, Satanic rituals, murder and bloodthirsty drug cartel thugs, who kill and torture for pleasure. Early in its career the band rarely toured but in the past several years, and especially with current events, and the rise of Trump, the band’s live show is now more pertinent and brutal than ever. The Glasshouse in Pomona has a good chance of being destroyed.

October 22
36 Crazy Fists
The Slidebar in Fullerton

Originally from Alaska, this band formed in 1994 and relocated to Oregon. Since the late '90s, 36 Crazyfists have been making music that is slightly tinged with nu-metal and a metalcore music vibe, which they have into a sound of their own, allowing them to tour with bands like Killswitch Engage, Fear Factory and early in its career a spot opening for Primus. The band has been going on, despite what is trendy at the moment in the musical landscape and has released eight full-length albums, including this year’s offering, Lanterns. The band has carved a niche among others who have come and gone since nu-metal and emo were the latest fads.

October 25
Red Fang and Fireball Ministry
Alex’s Bar

Another gig at Alex’s Bar, this time a stoner metal, heavy rock oriented night. Portland Oregon’s groovy stoner metal band Red Fang will tear things up in Long Beach, along with the founders of the Church of Rock, LA’s own Fireball Ministry, who since 1999 has been chugging and churning some of the city’s best and heaviest hard rock. This will be a night full of riff worship, in the form of head banging, beer drinking, pot smoking, and a venue full of denim and leather. Alex’s Bar should allow for a pot-smoking exemption, at least for this show, as it would be most appropriate.

October 26
The Devil Wears Prada
The Glasshouse

This American metalcore band has proved that being a Christian heavy music band doesn’t mean you have to be confined to the limitations of Christian music. The band has traveled down its own path, and since 2006 has released six full-length albums. The Devil Wears Prada has toured the world numerous times and has appeared on festivals such as Warped Tour and Rockstar Mayhem Festival. Also opening the show at in Pomona will be prog metalers Veil of Maya, along with Silent Planet, and Thousand Below.


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