The Best Gay Rap Songs
Murs- Animal Style

The Best Gay Rap Songs

Scrolling through our past Weekly listicles, we noticed that there is a topic that we haven't touched. Gay rap. Hip-hop is riddled with many topics, many different voices, and in case you didn't realize, some of these rhymers lacing tracks with sick flows are openly gay. So with that, we're stepping into that very arena with our breakdown of the Top 5 Five Gay Rap Songs.

5- G.A.R.F.- The Gay Rap Song

We have no idea what "G.A.R.F." stands for (although we have a few ideas) but what we do know is that this rapper is "real gay, suck a dick" and we love him. He's honest with what he likes, how he likes to do it, where he likes to go, that he likes lemons, and that he takes Viagra. Did we mention that we love him? Honestly is always the best policy and when it comes to being in the "gay zone," this song nails it.

4- WorldStarHipHop- Gay Teenagers Rapping about sex with other boys.

We don't know if this counts as a full on rap video but we're going with it because wow, can these kids flow. What they are flowing about? OK, that's a different story. It isn't the actual content that we are talking about sincerely, it's the actual words that are coming out of their mouths. A lot of gay people say that they always knew they were gay when they were kids, and it's great that these kids know it and are so open with it. That aside, the language they are using would make any parent cringe. And really, it's the way they use that language to form their flows just might make a parent cringe as well. Regardless, we approve because these kids are spitting hot fire playground style. You. Go. Boys.

3- Cazwell - All Over Your Face

This video was actually banned from Logo TV due to "explicit lyrics and sexual imagery" but here at the Weekly, we're all about it. Cazwell is openly gay in case there was any confusion but when it comes to "All Over Your Face," well, what exactly is all over your face can in fact be open to interpretation. He says, "I'm in love with dancing, is it all over my face?" but could "dance" be another word for...ummm...something else? Maybe we are reading too much into this but he does also say, "When the lights go off and your head goes down, don't let a drop go to waste" so, yeah. We're going with it means something else.

2- Murs- Animal Style

The best thing about this rap song by Murs is hands down the message. It shows both sides of the coin when it comes to coming out. Johnathon is out and proud while his boo thang Roderick is closeted. This story of young love is quite beautiful on many levels because it's so real. It also shows how intolerant people can be (in this case, the principal, some of his friends, and the priest) and hopefully if you happen to be someone like that, you'll get the clue that you're an asshole. Why are you an asshole? Because intolerance can lead to shame and some cases, even death.

1- Fly Young Red - Throw That Boy Pussy

The first time we saw this video and heard the lyrics by Fly Young Red, to be honest, we almost choked. "Throw That Boy Pussy" is a wild term we'd actually never even heard of before (we assume it is the asshole) and to be clear, we have no idea if men (or boys) are even OK with this term because really, "pussy" is something on female. Duh. We have to venture to guess that at least the men in this video are cool with that term because you just don't pop your ass like that if you've got a problem. Young Fly Red tells these boys to "Make that ass clap, clap, clap, clap. Clap that ass in this pit. Let me see you clap that ass like a bitch" and as you can see, they comply. While this song may not have been made especially for you, you will especially have a problem getting it out of your head.

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