The Airborne Toxic Event, The Devil Wears Prada Coming to the Glass House

The Airborne Toxic Event, The Devil Wears Prada Coming to the Glass House

Two bands with among the worst names in recent history are coming to the Glass House in 2009, with tickets on sale soon.

Los Feliz's The Airborne Toxic Event (pictured), who take their handle from a section of White Noise (ooh! literary!) are coming on March 26, with tickets ($10 advance, $12 day of show) on sale tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 11) at noon.

TATE (I don't know if their fans call them that, but they really should) have attracted a lot of publicity--both good and bad--with their self-titled debut, which came out late last summer. Among the (rather) bad: a 1.6 out of 10 review from the ever-irascible Pitchfork, who dubbed it a "horrible imitation" of albums by Arcade Fire, Interpol and The Strokes. Not ones to let such a thing slide, TATE struck back with an equally wordy "open letter" to Pitchfork, where they kinda sorta had them dead-to-rights on a couple of points ("you end up describing us as: 'lyrically moody, musically sumptuous and dramatic.' One is left only to conclude that you must think those things are bad").

An even more bizarre moniker is the one sported by Ohio metalcorers The Devil Wears Prada, who wholesale lift their name from that seminal piece of chick lit by Laura Weisberger. One could only guess what kind of point they're trying to make with that, or how they can legally get away with it, but it sure is funny to go into Hot Topic and see a bunch of "cool" band t-shirts that have the name of a girly movie starring Anne Hathaway on them. As said by Cole Haddon in a recent article in our sister paper, the Phoenix New Times: "If it came before the movie, the name is stolen from a bad book. If it came after the movie, the band deserves to get its collective asses kicked by a chick wearing Prada heels."

TDWP, along with A Day to Remember, Sky Eats Airplane and Emarosa (yes, Sky Eats Airplane is almost as bad of a name) play the Glass House on April 23, with $16-$19 tickets not on sale until noon next Friday (Dec. 19).


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