The 10 Best Thrice Songs

Thrice's farewell show at the Observatory in 2012EXPAND
Thrice's farewell show at the Observatory in 2012

Throughout their 17-year career and eight (soon to be nine) studio albums, Thrice has always been a band willing to evolve, but on their own terms.

Their first two records were circle pit inspiring metal and punk influenced post-hardcore. Thrice followed up their most commercially successful and mainstream-ish album, The Artist In The Ambulance, with the complex Vheissu, regarded by many as their best record and one that features some of their heaviest tunes. They went completely experimental with the Alchemy Index series and added post-rock and indie influences on 2009’s Beggars and 2011’s Major/Minor. Thrice have never stagnated, but they also haven’t changed so drastically as to lose sight of who they are. It’s a fine line the band has been able to walk and a big reason why their return is so highly anticipated by their fans.

After a three year hiatus, Thrice’s next chapter begins May 27 with the release of To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, but before that let’s take a look back at Thrice’s 10 best songs.

10. “The Weight”
Leave it to Thrice to write a heavy song about marriage. “The Weight” is groovy, headbanging and heartfelt, all at the same time.

9. “Firebreather”
For their Alchemy Index project, Thrice committed to writing four EPs each based on a different element – fire, water, earth and air. “Firebreather” gets the project off to a crashing, apocalyptic start, and really sets the tone for the entire Alchemy Index to succeed. Plus, it closes on one of the all-time great, live Thirce sing-a-long moments.

8. “Daedalus”
Another track from the Alchemy Index, this one from the Air side of things, “Daedalus” epicly tells the tragic tale of Icarus flying too close to the sun. At six minutes, the song is one of Thrice’s longer tracks and it uses that space to create an atmospheric build, riding an intricate lead guitar to a big crescendo at the end.

7. “To Awake And Avenge The Dead”
Metal riffing, guttural screams and blistering drums - “To Awake And Avenge The Dead” is Thrice at their most breakneck and raw. After two and a half minutes of all out assault, the track finally takes a breath during its chugging, hardcore breakdown, only for Dustin Kenrue’s bellowing vocals to come down even harder at the end.

6. “Red Sky”
Beautiful is the first word to that comes to mind when describing “Red Sky.” From the opening piano notes, guitarist Teppei Teranishi’s sweeping riff, and Kenrue’s hopeful lyrics, “Red Sky” triumphantly rises in a swell of emotion that makes it one of Thrice’s best album closing songs.

5. “Silhouette”
Where “Red Sky” was beautiful, “Silhouette” is brutal. Thrice songs in this era had a bit more polish than they had previously, but that doesn’t stop Riley Breckenridge’s double bass drum blasts and Kensrue’s soaring screams from being any less powerful on “Silhoutte.” It’s introspective lyrics and quick tempo changes bring the song to a hard hitting other level – blink and it’ll be over.

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