Powerman 5000 perform at the Galaxy this weekend
Powerman 5000 perform at the Galaxy this weekend

Thank God It's Thursday: Go Back To The '80s This Weekend

This weekend wants us to recall a time when hairspray didn't ruin the ozone layer, the Internet didn't exist and you had to sit through commercials to watch your favorite shows.
Friday, June 25
This Friday, the Psychedelic Furs continue the latest in their series of near annual summer American tours with an appearance at the Grove in Anaheim, with She Wants Revenge perhaps justifiably opening for them, given that group's clear embrace of early eighties UK sounds. But back to the Furs themselves--while they've settled into a nostalgia act for some time now, it's an attractively powerful one, having actually grown in stature and popularity over recent years. Richard Butler's raspy but always emotional voice and often mesmerizing lyrics, in combination with the able, immediate work musicians including bassist Tim Butler, Richard's brother, remains something powerful. You can still win tickets to their show here.


Saturday, June 26

On Saturday,

A Flock of Seagulls

continue the eighties nostalgia with their own newest tour, appearing at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano with When in Rome opening. In contrast to the almost-never-uncool Psychedelic Furs, A Flock of Seagulls are often regarded only with humor these days, a time-and-place group like the Strawberry Alarm Clock was for the late sixties or O-Zone was for the boyband era. But despite all the jokes one can make about lead singer/keyboardist Mike Score's now long gone hairdo, songs like "I Ran So Far Away," "Wishing" and especially "Space Age Love Song" remain surprisingly elegant, powerful numbers, thanks especially to underrated genius guitarist Paul Reynolds. He's long since gone from the band but one hopes they all still know how to make it work.

Also on Saturday, the

Yeastie Boys

, our Locals Only subjects for the week, will be bringing their 'all we do all clowns and we do them punk' approach to a show at the Doll Hut in Anaheim--the 1st Annual Clown Jam, no less, with Desperation Squad and Plan 9 from Anaheim among others on the bill. Though their name may provoke groans in pun haters everywhere -- and not just from Beastie Boys fans, seeing as there was already a Yeastie Girls in the 1990s--it's all about, as noted, clowns and punk when it comes to the Yeastie Boys, who do in fact sometimes include girls. Somehow this all makes sense in the end, but in the meantime, perfect your Shakes the Clown imitation and, should you dare, go out and see a bunch of Bozos do songs like "Clownifornia Uber Alles" and "Clown Riot." >

Elsewhere on Saturday, Fishbone bring their eternally fluid combination of playing whatever the heck they want to at Ska in the Park at the Fox Theatre in Pomona. It's no surprise that the band are headlining such a festival, as so much of the band's early SoCal fame came from such amazing songs as "Party at Ground Zero," but the real thing to understand is that


--our deserved featured artists in the music section this week--were and are a great band, not needing any additional qualifiers. Groups like the Roots and Ozomatli--and many others worldwide--owe something to their pioneering spirit, itself drawing on equally wide ranging bands like Parliament-Funkadelic beforehand, while the capering antics of the legendary Angelo Moore almost hide the fact that the entire band are skilled individual as well as group performers.

Yet again on Saturday, meanwhile,

Powerman 5000

are out to remind everyone trying to pretend otherwise that nu-metal did exist with a show at the Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana. To be fair, both the group's perceived sonic compatriots and the minor family connection on the part of singer Spider One -- Rob Zombie's brother -- obscure the fact that Powerman 5000 had a knack for immediate pop hooks underneath all the compressed scuzz, which was all they really shared with most of the chain wallet brigade to start with. The hyperdramatics of their biggest hit "When Worlds Collide" puts together the trash culture references and emotional melodrama nicely and if they've never quite reached that scale again, there's always something to be said for a band that keeps going with they know best.

Sunday, June 27

On Sunday, Costa Mesa's the Growlers put on what's bound to be another fine show at the Detroit Bar, but it's their touring partners that makes for another reason to come out -- LA's

Entrance Band

, who have already played a couple of shows down here to great attention. The story of how the one-man act known first as Entrance moves from somewhat cryptically insular home recordings to full-on dawn-of-the-seventies riff rock insanity is a bit of a minor legend already in modern psychedelic circles, but the point is that he made the move well and has gone from strength to strength with time. Teaming up with the Growlers just makes for an even better combination, so show up and grow your hair out. (You can also win tickets to this show




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