Blonde Redhead
Blonde Redhead

TGIF: Pilar Diaz, Stars, Blonde Redhead, The Misfits, Usher!

Friday is when Pilar Diaz, one of our featured acts in this week's music section, takes a bow at the Orange County Center of Contemporary Art in Santa Ana. With some years of solo work under her belt after she broke from LA's shoulda-been-really-famous Los Abandoned, the Chilean-born, LA-raised ukelele-playing soundtrack-performing try-anything-once artist is, unsurprisingly, trying something else yet again.

She's performing on a three-act bill with Los Romantics de Zacatecas and Yellow Red Sparks. One has the feeling it'll one of those hyperactively great evenings that should never end, so go down there and make the most of it.

Saturday, the Misfits headline a three-band lineup at the Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana. It should have gone down on Halloween weekend, but it's still

Nightmare Before Christmas

season, so we'll give it a pass. It's long been anything but a classic lineup of the


, of course-Glenn Danzig never returned after the breakup and only Jerry Only is left out of all the original members-but one suspects that so long as there's an excuse to shout along with "Die Die My Darling" and "Last Caress" then folks will be there.

Also that evening,

Margot and the Nuclear So-and-So's

will be back in town at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, touring behind their most recent album, Buzzard. The band's first to be released on their own label following a classic "who knows better, us or the suits?" dispute with Epic Records, it's also one featuring a reworked lineup. Founder and singer Richard Edwards is still leading the slightly theatrical winsomeness of it all via singing, guitar and whatever other tools are on hand for his and the band's use.

Sunday finds


, another one of our featured artists in this week's issue, up at the Glass House. Once again, they're proof that when talking about inspiring indie-based bands from Canada, that you need not be talking about the Arcade Fire. From their electropop start on Nightsongs nearly a decade back to The Five Ghosts album out this year, the group regularly gets featured on both American and Canadian TV show soundtracks all while participating things such as in the expansive art collective Broken Social Scene.

Sunday also means


at the Honda Center in Anaheim. (Don't give us that look.) When you consider that Usher's only rival in high-profile, solo R&B success is Justin Timberlake (who seems to have given up an active music career so he can be a CGI bear and look like a moody Harvard guy), there' s little wonder that the guy who scored his first number ones in the late 1990s has hit 2010 without a care. We have a feeling his latest, "OMG" is another hit. We also have the overall feeling that he's going to be a lifer headlining arena tours.

On Monday night at the Glass House is

Blonde Redhead

, another act that has shifted from the late 1990s to 2010 without a break. Though not quite as well known as Mr. Love in This Club, the band has a killer backstory. (Japanese artist meets Italian brothers in New York, form a band.) They've long since moved from accomplished aping of No Wave and after inspirations to their own elegant, thick sounding art rock that's as much post-goth/shoegaze wash as anything else out there riding that particular train. And they always do that much better than most.


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