TGIF: From Sharon Van Etten to Hugh Cornwell, the Best Shows to Watch This Weekend
John Gilhooley/ OC Weekly

TGIF: From Sharon Van Etten to Hugh Cornwell, the Best Shows to Watch This Weekend

Friday means another visit from the characters in The Adolescents at Alex's Bar in Long Beach--and why not, given how often they've made it a home away from home (or alternately, close to home?). But there's a further mix of familiar characters on the bill: Woodland Hills' The Grim are approaching 30 years, more or less, of cranking the amps and letting fly with punk's-not-dead bravado. In between the openers and the headliners are the deathless Dickies, punk parodists before punk had fully happened, pretty much. Presumably the usual array of goofiness and talking penises will be on-hand.

On Saturday, Sharon Van Etten swings through at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, with Little Scream opening. Van Etten is one of our featured artists in this week's issue, and there's little wonder as to why: Her second album, Epic, was one of last year's highlights, a collection of inspired performances that ranged as easily from classic country to unsettled art/psych zoneouts, all tied together by her excellent voice and lyrics. Van Etten is already booked to open for her buds in The National at the Hollywood Bowl later this year, so why not catch her now at a much more intimate level?

Saturday also finds


at the Viento y Agua Gallery in Long Beach for a free show, along with

The Venetian


Greywolf & Coyote

. Foxxhound are also our featured Locals Only artists this week, and if you think the name means some sort of retro-LA-glam revival act, you might want to read the article to get the real story involving an unfairly forgotten Disney movie from the early '80s rather than the end of that decade. (Though those double X's do seem like this should be invoking some very high hairstyles indeed.)

Sunday has another punk-flashback at Alex's Bar thanks to

Hugh Cornwell

, most famous for fronting

The Stranglers

for 16 years. The U.K. band was one of the biggest successes at the time of punk's heyday there, but Cornwell had been doing music since the '60s and continues to this day, with an ear for catchy anthems that were as much '60s garage rampage (and not a little


spikiness) mixed with

Sex Pistols

-ish rabble rousing. He's spent the past 20 years doing the solo thing with spirit, not to mention writing a few books along the way. Whatever happens that evening, it'll be a high-spirited affair.


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