Ten Best Whistling Songs of Today

Not everyone can play guitar, or spit out rhymes, or even hold a tune--but whistling is the one thing that you can do with a song anywhere. Even if you can't whistle that well, it's never atrocious, and it lets you carry a song anywhere, giving you a sense of ownership over a tune (especially when it invades your headspace for hours).

And while there are memorable whistling songs of yesteryear that still act as ear worms ("Winds of Change" by the Scorpions, or "Young Folks," anyone?), this is not that list. After the jump, the ten best new whistling songs of today.
1. Dale Earnheardt Jr. Jr. "Simple Girl"
This list's inspiration, the whistling bits are crucial to this song because a) the whistling itself is a simple act and simple pleasure and b) it's a great hook.

2. The Drums - "Let's Go Surfing"
You may think the Drums are British; they are not. You may think they are proteges of Dick Dale; they are not. For sure though, this song--a grinding bass, with a new wave melody, gets all upbeat and happy with whistling involved. 

3. Mystery Jets - Flash a Hungry Smile
Now these guys are British, and have mastered the art of using the whistle to further the cause of Britpop music. Aww. 

4. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, "Home"
You know what the best part of this song is? That the whistling intro is a chorus of whistlers, not just by one person.

5. Chiddy Bang, "The Whistle Song"
Honestly this is the lesser version of another hip-hop song on the list with the same title, but Chiddy Bang definitely makes the list for juxtaposing the toughness of their flow with the playfulness of whistling. 

6. Noah and the Whale, "Five Years Time"

This song not only has a great whistling intro, it's also the sweetest love song. Carpe Diem, folks!

7. Black Keys, "Tighten Up"
Ah, the Black Keys do whistling + blues + rock right. Plus, how adorable is this video?

8. Goldfrapp "Lovely Head"
Here's NOT the song to whistle in the dark to make you feel that you're not afraid.

9. Juelz Santana, "The Whistle Song"
I don't know how this song didn't get bigger than it did, but it gets you moving for sure.

10. Oberhofer, "Away Frm U"
This is a future classic--just when you're like, "where's the whistling in this catchy pop song full of dirty guitar tones and catchy lyrics?" it comes for you. And it WILL get you singing it all day.


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