Sweet Brown Songs: Everybody's Got Time for That!

Sweet Brown Songs: Everybody's Got Time for That!

I must be living under a rock, because it was only this weekend that a friend showed me the viral video on YouTube of a woman named Sweet Brown. She escaped an apartment fire and gave an interview to Oklahoma City's KFOR News Channel. With all the charisma of a preacher, she retold her story of how she went down to get a cold pop ("soda" for all you West Coast peoples) smelled something in the air and, in her own words, realized "Oh Lord Jesus, it's a fire!" She went on to speak of spoke inhalation and how, with bronchitis, she didn't have no time for that!

Sweet Brown's animated remarks

spread quickly through the interwebz

now topping well over three million views. It was only a matter of time that the remixes would come next -- as is a ritual for all instant internet celebrities. Like

Antoine Dodson


Rebecca Black

and so many others before, the clip provided material for music makers to work with. Who has the best chops?

Here's a list of the cleverest among them that the Weekly humbly provides to you!

1. Sweet Brown - Ain't Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix)

In moments like this, everyone immediately turns to Auto-tune. Next comes the backing beat. Concerning Sweet Brown, many have tried, only a handful have put something together that worthy of avoiding all those red thumbs down on YouTube. The above remix is the cleanest of the bunch.

2. Sweet Brown Hall and Oates Remix - Ain't Nobody Got Time for That - Cold Pop Escape!
Take the Hall and Oates song "I Can't Go For That" and manipulate the chorus with 'Ain't Nobody Got Time for That?' CLASSIC! My own personal favorite.

3. Sweet Brown - Ran For My Life Song

Sweet Brown over Tyga's Rack City beat? Sure! This remix has the best chops of them all, only the song should have been made longer!

4. Mississippi Mass Choir feat. James Moore and Sweet Brown

Nothing is more fitting than pairing the charisma of James Moore and Sweet Brown all backed by the Mississippi Mass Choir. Oh Lord Jesus, it's a jam!


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