Sound Strike Supporters Outernational Reach Kickstarter Goal, Promise New Music

Sound Strike Supporters Outernational Reach Kickstarter Goal, Promise New Music

It has been more than one year since Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed controversial anti-immigrant legislation SB1070 into law provoking a swift activist response that stretched all the way to the music community in the form of the Sound Strike boycott. Since that time, and in the wake of certain provisions being struck down by a preliminary injunction, a number of bands previously committed officially and unofficially to the Sound Strike's call for canceling commercial shows in the state, including most recently Los Lobos, have reversed course and taken to the stage.

New York political rockers


, touted by

Tom Morello

back in 2006 as potentially the next Rage Against the Machine, remain steadfastly committed until SB1070 is fully repealed as they ready for two new releases.

The band recently reached a Kickstarter fundraising goal of $20,000 last night to help finance the recording of their Morello co-produced debut full length album. Accompanying their accomplishment is the promised release of the band's second EP Todos Somos Ilegales for free. Outernational was in Arizona last week with the Sound Strike and Tuscon youth coalition U.N.I.D.O.S. to support efforts to fight against the elimination of Ethnic Studies/Mexican-American Studies programs in the city's school district. While there, they also visited the U.S.-Mexico border wall and uploaded a preview video of their trip.

Outernational says of their forthcoming free release, "This EP was conceived last May when we traveled to Arizona to challenge the racist immigration law SB1070.

Todos Somos Ilegales

is dedicated to the US/Mexico border and the humanity and rights of all immigrants worldwide." The first single of the EP is "Que Queremos/The Disappeared" and collaborations include those with

Uproot Andy

as well as

Ceci Bastida



Fellow Sound Strike artist Tom Morello also joined Outernational for a rendition of Woody Guthrie's classic "Deportee" that is one of a number of covers to be included in

Todos Somos Ilegales

as well. Check out the


produced video above!


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