Songhammer posing with Michele Boyd, aka "The Madge."
Songhammer posing with Michele Boyd, aka "The Madge."
Lauren Wickline

Songhammer's New Music Video is So Damn Epic

Songhammer is a band that makes epic music for epic people. Inspired by the fantasy and mallet-wielding glory of World of Warcraft, their shredding, melodic metal and love for the PC game franchise have united metalheads and nerds alike. This year, the band is gunning for a second round of awards at BlizzCon (held at the Anaheim Convention Center on November 8-9) for its latest song/music video, "Death is on the Way."

The IE-based duo of ShredHammer (Ben Stewart) and CroonHammer (Dustin Miller) just unleashed their new video on the masses yesterday and if you're a WoW fan, or just someone who'd like to witness a quality tale of bloodshed, heroism and jazzy choreography before your lunch break, this video is for you. Well, at least it pulled us in--literally. You may remember this reporter somehow found his way on the set as an extra after one cast member fell off her horse and needed a replacement. Glad to oblige, you're sure to see me for all of two seconds (literally skip to 2:07-2:09 and you'll see me get knocked out with a giant hammer).

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What started as a grain of an idea funded solely through donations from a Kickstarter campaign last year turned out to be was a massive, two-day production with 100 cast and crew members on a sprawling horse ranch in Redlands. Over course of 50 days since last September, the band managed to crowdsource over $5,000 to film their project. Now, they're submitting it for BlizzCon's original movie award for a number of categories, including Best Costume, Best Song and even Best Dance Routine. Here's hoping they pull a sweep! Check out the video below and see if it's worthy.

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