[Slide Show]: Plugged Into Local with Billy Kernkamp at Time Out Tavern

Billy Kernkamp getting cozy with his band, the Brides
Billy Kernkamp getting cozy with his band, the Brides
Priscilla Salas

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On Wednesday, the second round of Heard Mentality's new Plugged Into Local concert series dipped its toe into South County with a lineup of folk favorites that came down to support the cause at Time Out Tavern in Aliso Viejo. Turns out people actually party down there. It took a little extra work to get folks to drive out, but in the end we did what we always do when there's a booze and music at arms reach...we took photos. 

Thanks again to 

Billy Kernkamp

, the party-time folk squad 

Live Oak Review

, soulful strummer 

Micah Brown

 and our last-minute savior, Time Out's resident selector,

 Carlo "Dj Dj" Pacino

, who supplied us with more glorious '80s music videos in between bands than we knew what to do with. 

Check out the slideshow here.

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