Show Announcements: Fishbone, Reel Big Fish, More

There are some new concerts coming our way, and it's a great time to be alive if you enjoy bands that have the word "fish" in their name.

Fishbone, Dec. 13 at the Glass House On sale: Noon Tuesday, Oct. 21 ($15) Whenever I think of Fishbone, I don't think of their decades of ska/reggae/funk music, I think of when they were mentioned on MTV's "The State," in the "tape all over my face" sketch. "We've got Fishbone playing on campus, those dudes have not sold out at all. But one time, I was at a concert, and people were moshing, things got a little rough, and now I have tape all over my face." It makes more sense if you've actually seen the sketch. Sadly, I can't find it anywhere online. So here's Fishbone doing "Ma and Pa," off their influential 1988 release "Truth and Soul," courtesy of some dude on YouTube.

Reel Big Fish, Jan. 4 at the Grove of Anaheim On sale: Noon Saturday, Oct. 25, with a presale starting 10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 23. (ticket price not available yet) I was going to riff on these guys for dropping off the mainstream radar since their 1997 radio hit "Sell Out," but then I realized they're from Huntington Beach, and I don't want to turn locals against me. Then I found out that their newest release, out in January, is an all covers album called "Fame, Fortune and Fornication," with their version of classics like "Nothing But a Good Time" and "Talk Dirty to Me" (yes, two Poison songs out of 10 total tracks) and realize that anything derisive I can say is really irrelevant at this point.

Funeral for a Friend, Feb. 13 at the Glass House On sale: Friday, Oct. 24 (ticket price not available yet) This band (post-hardcore from Wales) sounds pretty much exactly how their name suggests. Their new album, "Memory and Humanity," comes out next Tuesday (Oct. 28).


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