Shh! All-American Rejects 'MySpace Secret Show' at Chain Reaction Wednesday

Shh! All-American Rejects 'MySpace Secret Show' at Chain Reaction Wednesday

In a show so secret that information is readily available about it on several places online, The All-American Rejects--who released their third studio album, When the World Comes Down, today--are playing a free gig at Chain Reaction in Anaheim tomorrow.
It's part of the MySpace "Secret Shows" series, which just had a concert with The Cure at the Troubadour in LA on Saturday. Here's how you get in: Get there early, and MySpace representatives will start handing out wristbands at 1 p.m. (yes, on a Wednesday. Since I think schools are still in session until the end of the week, I'm guessing most of the people at this show will be...homeless?). If you get a wristband, you're in and can leave (doors are at 8 p.m.); if you don't, you are scarewwwwwed. Full details here. No overnight camping, in case anyone was actually thinking about doing that. (It's cold, dudes.)

AAR are, of course, the teeny bopper-skewing power-poppers behind hits like "Move Along," "Dirty Little Secret" and "Swing Swing." Y'know, the song where it sounds like he's saying "on the phewne" instead of "phone." I'd post the video to their new single, "Gives You Hell," here, but all of the official versions I can find on YouTube have embedding disabled. Nice move, Universal Music Group! You just potentially lost two of three viewers! (Me and one or both of my parents.)

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