Saturday: Jukebox Bailout at the Basement Lounge

Saturday: Jukebox Bailout at the Basement Lounge

Continuing its trend of aurally intriguing monthlies, the Basement Lounge is prepared to offer some weekend relief for picky local music fans who pine for all things eclectic. We know that word--"eclectic"--gets thrown around a lot, in music and elsewhere. But what else could you use to describe jazzy R&B, Latin funk, blue-eyed soul and gospel Zombie thrash in one the same club? One answer: The Jukebox Bailout this Saturday.

Debuting this weekend in the deep caverns of downtown Long Beach, this strange mixture of sound from OC, LB and LA features a number of acts that have already gotten the


stamp of approval. Armed with a new lead singer and all the blood and face paint they can fit on their bodies, 

Death Hymn Number 9

 are set to open the show and rock with spastic, horrifying distinction. We just hope they clean up the stage afterwards after they've turned it into a war zone. 

We're also looking forward to hearing something from smooth, LBC soul artist Delmos Wade (a.k.a. Abstract Workshop co-founder Jud Nester) as he brings boom bap and seasoned vocals to the stage backed up by a four-piece band including the innovative beats of DJ Greyboy. Then of course there's the OC Music Award-nominated Soul Hustlers--an explosive collective of soul and funk musicians, known to fill stages with a tight repertoire of Latin-tinged grooves. 

The bailout wraps up with the Rebirth, an LA based septet of urban R&B alchemists who we look forward to experiencing for the first time, but who already have quite an LA rep. The night also includes eclectic--there goes that word again-- DJ sets from Bobby Soul and Jesse C. So what else could this Jukebox Bailout possibly have left to offer about a blog? Yeah, now you know shit is serious. The cover is $5 before 10:30 p.m.


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