SanTana's Taino Sunz Break Up

SanTana's Taino Sunz Break Up

File this under: "Puerto Rico, Ohhhh No!"

Taino Sunz, one of the more exciting hip-hop tandems to newly form out of OC, dissolved as group over the weekend. HecVortex and Quique Cruz, compelling together as their recently released and reviewed EP The Break of Dawn attests to, are going their separate musical ways after breakdown in communications spelled the end of the duo.

Cruz will continue on with his EBS Muzik hustle including an upcoming tribute video/song for Guru. HecVortex is forging ahead on a planned event Our Stories: Hip Hop in the 21st Century featuring performances, dialogue and screenings in SanTana later this month.

Taino Sunz, where Boricuas met boom bap, was a promising collaboration. If folks slept on 'em, the EP is always there. For all who didn't get a chance to see them hit the stage together, check out the video for "

Parte del Pueblo (The Update)

" filmed at last month's

Anti-Mall: People B4 Profit Marketplace

after the jump.

In the end, all is impermanent. All sunz must set, sometimes sooner than we'd like. Oh well...It was a good thing while it lasted.


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