Here's a gratuitous road trip photo, care of whatsisface...
Here's a gratuitous road trip photo, care of whatsisface...

Road Trip Soundtrack Recommendations

Summer means barbecues, beaches, sleeping in and wearing next to nothing, but the best part of the season is the annual road trip (although, seeing people wearing next to nothing is a close second) taken by many across the vast country of ours. Even the least experienced road trippers know to pack clothes and munchies, but pulling out of your driveway without the proper soundtrack can make those boring ass drives across Nebraska (think the 5, but with even less to look at) make you wonder what in the hell Kerouac saw in this shit.

Once you've got your tunes in order, it's crucial that you create a playlist that helps set a mood. Take me for example. I'm not a morning person. In fact, I almost punched one of my best friends during a brutal Texas morning for no other reason other than I was awake. To remedy this, I start with something that will wake me up without a bunch of screaming and yelling because, sure, I love Black Sabbath. Just not at nine in the morning.

On the flipside, I always make sure to save my sing-alongs for when the sun goes down. This is important because when you're out there on a two-lane road to nowhere, the only thing preventing you from becoming one of those homemade crosses on the side of the highway and seeing your destination is the ability to stay focused. Again, for me, this is all about singing.

Here's what I'd do if I was hitting the road today. I'd love to know what others have in mind because I'm always up for adding new tunes to my road trip rotation.

The Smiths

You're going to want to start the day kinda mellow but kinda upbeat and there's no better band in the history of music for that sort of dichotomy than the Smiths. Sure, you could get behind the wheel at 7 a.m. and crank some bangin' Dr. Dre tracks, but where do you go from there? No where. That's where. Instead, the Smiths are like half-caf coffee. A nudge in the right direction, if you will. I dig the band's


compilation, which starts with "Hand in Glove." From there you get all the hits and by the time you get to "William, It Was Really Nothing," the gorgeous sun is illuminating the beautiful landscape and you wonder just what in the hell Morrissey's problem was.

Cibo Matto

Once Morrissey and company have got you wide awake, it's time to turn it up a bit. This is when I go for Cibo Matto.

Viva! La Woman

will work just fine and with songs such as "Apple," "Beef Jerky," "Birthday Cake" and "Know Your Chicken," it'll also get you in the mood for breakfast. But beware: You will most definitely look like a fool as you attempt to drive and dance to this record, which will make at least one other driver call 911 and report a potential DUI. 

Chuck Berry

Just like swimming after a large meal, it's important to not get too amped up after eating if you're sitting in a car all day. I could go into graphic detail about what I'm getting at, but instead I'll say this: Chuck Berry will get your body moving in all the right ways and none of the wrong. On my iTunes, Berry's first greatest hits is listed as "unclassifiable," but if it was up to me, I'd say songs such as "Maybellene," "Too Much Monkey Business" and "Reelin' And Rockin'" are not only the epitome of rock 'n' roll, but a must-have for any cross-country vacation.

Guns N' Roses

The sun is at its peak and you're still hundreds of miles from wherever you're going. You're going to need a pick-me-up and the truckers bought all the speed at the previous rest area, but don't fret because now is the ideal time to throw in

Appetite for Destruction.

This record has been written about millions of times, but one thing no one ever discusses is how this 12-song album was designed for road trips because there are no letdowns on this. We kick some ass with "Welcome to the Jungle" and from there we kick even more ass on each upcoming track. Axl, Slash, Steven, Duff and Izzy didn't water down this record with a bunch of weak shit, which translates into the equivalent of a mid-day cup of coffee. I mean, even the supposed ballad "Sweet Child O' Mine" is ballsier than anything on rock radio these days.


You're going to want to carry on with the adrenaline rush started by Guns N' Roses and the only band that could possibly keep up with that momentum is AC/DC. Put on

Highway to Hell

and get outta the way because this record smokes in a way that might overheat your engine if you aren't careful.

Michael Jackson

Too spooky to listen to when you're driving a two-lane road with nothing but the stars providing lights,


is a great transition from the two previous guitar-heavy records into something a bit smoother without losing any of that required sing-along ability. Even dudes who carve "Slayer" into their arms think "Wanna Be Startin' Something" and "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) are bad ass and you don't want to mess with dudes who carve "Slayer" into their arms, do you?

Elvis Presley

Do you need to be reminded that Elvis is the king of rock & roll? Or that he's more American than baseball and apple pie? No, you don't, so put him on -- it doesn't matter what songs or records -- breathe in through the nostrils and take a moment to recognize how you are listening to our greatest musical asset while more than likely driving through the sort of podunk town Presley was born in. 

The Misfits

Punk rock and sing-alongs don't exactly go hand in hand, but the Misfits broke that rule thanks to songs such as "Horror Business," "I Turned Into A Martian," "Astro Zombies" and "20 Eyes." Like Alkaline Trio singer/guitarist Matt Skiba sings on his band's "We've Had Enough," "Put

Walk Among Us

on and turn it up!" 

50 Cent


Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

, Fiddy starts off way hard with "What Up Gangsta" and never takes his foot off the accelerator, which just so happens to be exactly what you need when you've been driving all goddamn day and you still aren't there yet. You can rap along at the top of your lungs and bop your head to the sick ass beats, two ways that not only keep you going but make the 75 miles it takes to listen to this record move much quicker than had you chosen Boz Scaggs. If you don't own

Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

(and why don't you if you don't?), Snoop's


, Biggie's

Ready to Die

or Jay-Z's

The Black Album

will all do the trick.

Coast to Coast
The only way to get through those late nights, the ones that make the final 150 miles feel like you're walking to Kansas instead of driving, is by listening to Coast to Coast AM. Sure, host George Noory ain't Art Bell but he knows that. You can pick up Coast to Coast AM whether you're east or west of the Rockies and you'll be glad you can when some caller from Ohio claims he has Bigfoot coming over for dinner tomorrow.


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