Top 10 selling records from Dec. 25 to 31 at Pro-Rock, 1064 N. State College Blvd., Anaheim, (714) 774-3443. Pro-Rock carries rock en español; guerrero del rock; and black metal, underground punk and hardcore en español and English.

1. Avalanch, El Ángel Caído (Avispa Music)

2. Molotov, Con Todo Respeto(Universal Music Latino)

3. Bunbury, Flamingos (EMI)

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4. Rammstein, Reise, Reise(Republic)

5. The Adicts, Made in England (SOS)

6. Panteón Rococó, Tres Veces Tres(DeLanuca)

7. Tierra Santa, Indomable (Locomotive Music)

8. Sin Dios, Odio al Imperio (Potencial Hardcore)

9. Luzbel, Mirada Eléctrica, Tributo a Judas Priest (self released)

10. Sur 16, 15 Éxitos (Denver)

STAFF PICK: Espécimen, Temas X La Paz(Denver): "It's the sound I like—metal with punk and hardcore and rough vocals like Brujeria." (Jorge)

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