Premiere: Pastel's "2AM" is an Anthem for Insomniacs
Courtesy of Pastel

Premiere: Pastel's "2AM" is an Anthem for Insomniacs

It takes someone with a mind for minimalism to create a sound that focuses on those dark, morning hours when no one's watching. And for creative types, nothing is more universal than a bad case of insomnia. It's that mundane bit of mania before the sun comes up that inspires OC-bred artist Pastel on the aptly-titled "2AM." The result is both haunting and severely intimate. As the newest track to premiere from his forthcoming EP It Will Be Missed (out November 18 on Manimal), the artist born Gabe Brenner continues to build on the smooth sounds of "Sweeter Conversations," a song he released this past summer which is also included on the new EP.

Opening with a distant roll of thunder, we're quickly immersed in Pastel's understated soul ladled with rippling reverb and accented with traditional Tahitian-style percussion. The next time you find yourself staring at a computer screen at some ungodly hour, we suggest listening to this. At least you'll know you have a friend out there who knows exactly how you feel. Listen to a premiere of the new track after the jump.

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