Pre-Thanksgiving Bash at Detroit Bar Wednesday

The day before Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Eve, as I oh-so-cleverly like to call it), is typically one of the busiest bar nights of the year. It makes sense: No one has to work the next day, people are in town, wanna get away from their families and turn to the sweet, sweet solace of the bottle.

So it's only reasonable that Detroit Bar is having a celebration to honor the almost-holiday, a "Thanksgiving Banger," if you will. (Sure, I will.) They've got a full slate of DJs, including Dan Sena (he of regular Wednesday night Detroit Bar affair Busy Work), "Them Jeans," Clifford Liddell and more. Dance the night away as you prepare to celebrate the succulent spoils of American colonialisism.

Tickets are $10, and if their MySpace bulletins are to be believed, going fast.


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