Pop Your Eyes Out of Your Skull: See Gerald Clayton Tonight at Steamers in Fullerton!

This one almost slipped past me: Gerald Clayton, a 24-year-old titan of jazz piano, is playing with his trio tonight at the fabulous Steamers jazz club in downtown Fullerton. How great will this be? Well, here's a review of one of his Steamers gigs I wrote five years ago -- when the lad was a spry 19-year-old -- and he's only gotten better. Though he spends most of his time in New York these days, I'm glad he still gets back to F-Town a few times a year. You should be, too -- if you care anything about music, much less jazz, Steamers is where you need to be tonight.

Here's a video clip of Gerald playing a jazz fest in Europe earlier this year. The camera angle is terrible because you can't enjoy his flying fingers, but you at least can hear his magnificence:


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