Pocketbooks, Rejoice! (Some) Cheaper Concert Tickets Expected in 2011

There's some good news for concert lovers who thought that skyrocketing ticket prices meant they'd forever be stuck at home watching their favorite bands and artists through blurry footage on YouTube.  

Promoters say they plan to make shows more affordable in 2011, the AP reports. This past summer was a bust for the concert biz as ticket prices were set too high in a craptastic economy, leaving many seats unfilled. Planners either had to cancel shows or offer last-minute super sales.  

Now, some say they'll offer cheaper tickets from the start, particularly because they know fans will buy beer, T-shirts and other stuff to make up for the loss. For instance, ZZ Top expects to set ticket prices below the 2010 average of $55. Some will go for as little as $10. Live Nation promoters may raise prices on front-row seats, but cut prices on cheap seats to woo more fans. 

You'll still have to shell out big bucks for the hottest shows, though. Bieber and Gaga fans, start saving that Christmas cash.


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