Billy Kernkamp: Doesn't like covers, or covering up
Billy Kernkamp: Doesn't like covers, or covering up
Mary Bell

Plugged Into Local Video: Billy Kernkamp Covers the Pixies' 'Wave of Mutilation'

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Tomorrow night, the Weekly's new concert series Plugged Into Local heads down to South County haunt Time Out Tavern in Aliso Viejo. And to make that long-ass drive well worth the gas money (at least for you Northerners), we've put together a folky lineup with artists who are full of surprises. Take our headliner Billy Kernkamp for example. For as long as he can remember, he's hated performing covers. "I don't mind listening to other people do them," he says on the couch in his Costa Mesa apartment. "It's just never been for me as an artist, I dunno what it is, I can't get my self to do them."

But we found out quickly that despite his distaste for acoustic homages, he does have one go-to cover up his sleeve. After busting into his humble abode on a recent afternoon to get some promo footage for the show, he decided to flip the script on the terse, distorted surrealism of the Pixies' track "Wave of Mutilation"--turning it into a contemplative campfire jam that enunciates the poetry of Frank Black rather beautifully. It may sound a bit more gentle, but it takes some serious cajones to tackle any track from the Pixies hallowed sophomore album Doolittle.

Make sure to cruise down at 9p.m. to catch him take the PiL stage with South County regulars Micah Brown and Live Oak Revue. The show is free, all you have to do is RSVP for the event and you're in (provided you're 21 years-old and wiser). Find out how to get into the show and check out the exclusive video of Kernkamp breaking his "no-covers" rule after the jump!

for Plugged Into Local with Billy Kernkamp, Micah Brown and Live Oak Revue tomorrow, Aug. 29, at Time Out Tavern at 9p.m.

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