No schnitzel and hefeweizen for you!
No schnitzel and hefeweizen for you!

Phoenix Club Backs Out of Odd Future Show, New Venue and Date to be Announced

Ticket holders for what would have been Odd Future's first OC gig got a shitty surprise recently when the information about their June 15 date at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim was suddenly nowhere to be found on the venue's website. It was as if the show (and our dreams of  finally seeing a hip-hop show at a beer-swilling Oktoberfest venue) had vanished like a fart in the wind. Today, the Weekly confirmed that Phoenix backed out of their contract with the event promoter, OC Productions, and decided to cancel the show at their venue.

Though they declined to discuss details about the cancellation, we were told by OC Productions (who partnered with local event companies ITS Music Playground and Big Boom) that Phoenix's decision came about 30 days ago, after tickets went on sale. Could it be that one of OC's premiere German hangouts heard the promoters wrong and thought they were getting some kind of progressive polka act called Odd Fuehrer?

Dave Harned, CEO of OC Productions, says the show has been moved to a new location (which they will announce this week) and they hope to have the show scheduled for the last week of July.  Refunds for the cancelled June 15 date are available through Groove Tickets. When we reported on the event back in May, tickets ranged from $25 for general admission to a hefty $300 for backstage V.I.P. passes. Well, at least this will give raging, adolescent fans extra  time to save some cash. Watch this space for further updates.

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