Paris By Night Entertainment Group Launches Vietnamese TV Channel and Opens Local Theater

Struck by financial woes due to escalating production costs and pirated discs, the Westminster-based entertainment company that puts on the iconic Vietnamese variety show Paris By Night (which graced our cover last year) is taking a new direction.

The producers have a lease on the Saigon Performing Arts Center, a newly renovated, 18,000-square-foot theater in Fountain Valley that was converted from an Edwards Cinema. The space will be used partly as a studio for a new television channel Thuy Nga is launching, VIETFACE TV, which will be broadcast throughout Southern California on KJLA 57.2 starting in March. The Vietnamese-language programming will feature entertainment news and past Paris By Night shows.

The production company is also opening the center's 600-seat theater/auditorium for community events such as live performances, lectures and conferences. For rental information, contact booking manager Khanh Lien at (714) 352-9292 or

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