The Growlers
The Growlers

Orange Bits: Coachella Rumors, This Week in Ska, and a Very FYF Xmas

And in this week's edition of news stories from other sources, we have:

  • Souncheck speculates that Coachella may continue with their pattern of naming classic rock legends as headliners for 2011. Rumor has it that The Rolling Stones have been offered $5 million for a top spot at the upcoming festival and a deal is "nearly sealed." [OCR]

  • Anaheim ska boys Starpool, featuring members of No Doubt and Save Ferris. They took seven years to release their first album. [OCR]

  • MC's Insanity and Irawnik merge to form local hip hop act I and I. I and I performed at Cal State Fullerton Wednesday and brought songs about "real life issues" instead of the stereotypical drugs and sex, says one Titan. [Daily Titan]

  • Hellogoodbye wants to play at your house in celebration of their latest album, Would it Kill You? The Huntington Beach indie-pop band invites fans all along the west coast from Seattle to OC to invite the band over to their house for a show. [Daily Titan]

  • The Growlers' Wilcox Sessions videos are up and ready for consumption. The band's California-centric tour dates are up and ready for anticipation. Added bonus: link to virtual proof that Bill Murray digs the Growlers. [LA Weekly]

  • Costa Mesa's Cat Party are heading into the studio Saturday to work on a full length album. To tide you over until then, you can pre-order a 7" split EP with Earthmen and Strangers. [Facebook]

  • Tijuana Panthers just got added to the FYF Xmas party featuring No Age and the Soft Pack at the Glass House. [Facebook]


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