OC Zine Fest Brings DIY Scribes to SanTana
Dustin Ames

OC Zine Fest Brings DIY Scribes to SanTana

Yes, we can all agree that zines rule. Even millenials who grew up with smartphones and Tumblr can appreciate the tactile sensation of holding something creative that someone else made from scratch. Sure, you support them, but are you really 'bout this zine life? If so, the inagural OC Zine Fest is in dire need of your time and talent. The July 12 event, hosted at Diego's Downtown in Santa Ana from 11am to 5pm on July 12, encourages zine makers, distributors, artists, DIY print/press people to apply and showcase their handiwork. They've even had some apps come in from DIY cassette labels too, so they're super flexible and open to variety.

After reporting on OC's burgeoning zine scene, we know there are pockets of zine and DIY-related activities around here, but this is the first ever zine fest for the whole of Orange County. The goal of the fest (partially organized by our clubs editor, Aimee Murillo, who ain't making a penny off the event and actually heading to a Dickensian debtor's prison after this haha) is for the zine community here to connect with each other with this event and with those interested in the culture to finally get a local zine fest. "We like being a zine instead of a magazine because we can go crazy with it, said Eric Cocoletzi, founder and editor of local zine Santanero in our story on the culture published last January. "We're not beholden to politicians or corporations. And it's all from personal experience."

OC Zine Fest Brings DIY Scribes to SanTana

The OC Zine Fest application form says they're down for people to volunteer in holding workshops on whatever they'd like; they're encouraged to pitch ideas for hour-long workshops they could hold that would be a benefit for some of the attendees of the fest- stuff like book binding, or making collage zines are some that have been thrown out so far. People can download the app from our OCZF facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/oczinefest. The deadline to submit applications is this Friday, June 20.

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