Dave James of Factory Records
Dave James of Factory Records
Miguel Vasconcellos

OC Register Article on Factory Records Has Best. Lede. Ever. LOL.

We're not even going to say anything about how OC Register published a story on vinyl records making a comeback, five days after we put the same story on our cover (Revinylized, by Brandon Ferguson) on the same people, and photographed by a former OCR photographer.

All I'm saying is the story "Where vinyl is king and The King is still alive" by David Whiting has the best lede ever.

In our rush to move forward we sometimes behave as if nostalgia is bad. So let's be bad to the bone.

And that's not all; Whiting adds:

Walk into Factory Records - yes, records, as in vinyl - and nostalgia washes over you like a certain shampoo from the '70s and its "garden of earthly delights."

The walls are covered with used albums, each bigger and heavier than an iPod loaded with an entire music collection. 

To be fair, the rest of it--a full piece on Factory Records' Dave James (aka Dave Noise), reads like an addendum to our story, and tells the story of how James made a ton of money selling vinyl in the '90s and then lost all of it via heroin, then overcame his drug addiction to build Factory Records.


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