Obama Gets The Jay-Z Mash-up Treatment With "99 Problems (But Mitt's Not One)"

Obama Gets The Jay-Z Mash-up Treatment With "99 Problems (But Mitt's Not One)"

With the first round of the 2012 Presidential Debate happening tomorrow, we're sure both President Obama and Mitt Romney are busy stretching, meditating and fishing through their iPods for the perfect hype music to pump them up for talks about domestic policy. So it seems like a good time to share a little mash-up video that's been making it's way around the Internet lately. If Obama's got 2 minutes and 32 seconds to spare, he might want to grab some talking points from this brilliant mash-up video dubbed "99 Problems (But Mitt's Not One)." Yes, the legacy of great Jay-Z "99 Problems" mash-ups continues with the G-ed up presidential edition. Cut together using Obama and Romney's actual words, the Prez spits hot fire in lyrical jabs about everything from gas prices, the economy, birth certificates,etc. To be fair, Romney does get a few shots in toward the end of the video. Whether you're psyching yourself up for the big showdown tomorrow or you're just a Jay-Z fan with some time to kill, this mash-up is definitely worth taking a coffee break for. See it after the jump.

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