Matt Death and the New Intellectuals
Matt Death and the New Intellectuals

Not So Quiet, Please

Locals who would and probably will share stages with Cold War, as tapped by the members of the band:

MATT DEATH AND THE NEW INTELLECTUALS: Former members of Long Beach's Havalina—same lineup but without storied bassist Orlando Greenhill—resurrect their last unreleased Pacific album with this new name on the cover. Can't keep the last true punk band in America down. 

RAY BARBEE: Pro skateboarding finally gets its Wes Montgomery with lean clean guitarist Ray Barbee, who leads his light-fingered instrumental jazz combos with the same relaxed physicality he had in old videos like Ban This! Beloved of the laid-back surf set for rhythms that roll and recede like water smoothing out a beach. 

RICHARD SWIFT: Fullerton's brand new Emitt Rhodes coaxed two of last year's best-measured pop EPs out of a cheapie four-track in his bedroom, testament to the kind of classic knack for songwriting that most also-ran home recordists only dream of. A smiley pop/rock & roll symphony for the suburbs at the other end of the freeway from Hawthorne. 

DELTA SPIRIT: San Diegans come lately to the gospels of Nation of Ulysses and John Wilkes Booze with rootsball roll & rock songs (handclaps and slide guitar) and little lifts from the MC5's count-in chatter and the Doors' droopy-eyed downerism ("This is the end, my only friend . . . you're watchin' your TV, owwwww!").


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