The Shrills
The Shrills

New Song Exclusive: The Shrills, 'Home Alone'

We all need a wake-up call on Monday morning. We've definitely got a weird one for you, courtesy of Locals Only alumni the Shrills. Few things compliment the awakening aroma of fresh brewed coffee like werewolf howling, woozy garage beats and bursts of psychotic doo-wop. Last month, we mentioned that the Orange County quintet made their sonic pilgrimage to the Distillery in Costa Mesa to hammer out a new album. Under the guidance of eccentric engineer Mike McHugh, the band is busy honing a sound that pays tribute to a horde of old-school names like the Leaves and the Shirelles with an extra helping of A.D.D. and  Misfits-style story-telling for good measure. Things appear to be going well. The band, fronted by head-splitting vocalist/guitarist Dan Simmons and guitarist/vocalist Zack Grimm, dosed us with an exclusive cut from their unreleased, as-of-yet untitled album.

Without question, a song like "Home Alone" offers a haunted, groovy peek in to the Shrills twisted psyche from the opening chords. Lyrically, there's no telling what the song is really about at first listen--aside from,uh, being a homebody. But aesthetically, it feels like staying indoors with this band could be quite an adventure, one that will leave you a bit scarred but still smiling at the end. Check out the song after the jump.

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