New Snoop Dogg Video Made on iPad App

New Snoop Dogg Video Made on iPad App

Pan Asian girl band Blush--til now relatively unknown--is creating a viral buzz, thanks to a song called "Undecided" with guest stylings from Snoop Dogg, and a video made entirely on the iPad Brushes app made by Taptrix. 

Animator Shawn Harris' clip illustrates how versatile the app is--it looks simple, but there's a singing skeleton, a ballerina dancing in the snow, a drawing of Snoop Dogg and spray cans painting the frame with color.

Harris drew individual frames and recorded each separately, then emailed them to himself, opened the file on a viewer application then exported the sequence as a movie file. "Each time I lifted my finger from the canvas a new frame was recorded," he said. "Thirty brush strokes later, and I created one second of video. About 7,000 strokes later, i would have a completed music video, so I kept drawing," he explained.

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