Musicos con Yo Soy 132: The Anti-Rebecca Black Pack!

Musicos con Yo Soy 132: The Anti-Rebecca Black Pack!

UPDATE, JUNE 8, 2:21 P.M.: A major scandal continues to erupt in Mexico just as a number of musicians co-signed onto one of #YoSoy132's objectives in demanding democracy and equality in the media. Allegations have surfaced in Britain's Guardian newspaper that PRI presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) was the benefactor of favorable coverage purchased on Televisa, an empire that dominates television channels in the country and that has been accused by a rising tide of protests of manipulation in service of a future EPN presidency.

Hey, Rebecca Black, it's not too late to change your supportive statements of a candidate embroiled in even more controversy. There's still time to go against the grain all in the name of good ol' fashioned teenage rebellion!

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 8, 5:00 A.M.: Various Mexican musicians declared their solidarity with the country's burgeoning #YoSoy132 movement recently, reading a joint statement together in a newly released video. Fashioning a hashtag identity for themselves, #MusicosconYoSoy132 took the opposite position that infamous Anaheim Hills YouTube-singing celebrity Rebecca Black did late last month when she traveled to Mexico and openly endorsed PRI presidential candidate (and total tool!) Enrique Peña Nieto.

Musicos con Yo Soy 132: The Anti-Rebecca Black Pack!

Like the movement dubbed by many as the 'Mexican Spring,' the musicians echoed calls for impartiality and honesty in the media in order to cultivate an informed, critical citizenry and not a manipulated one in the lead up to the country's July 1 elections.

Mexico City singer-songwriter and producer Natalia LaFourcade is the first musician introduced in the initial installment. Other names from the indie-alternative scene appear lending their support including acts that have spoken to the Weekly in the past, including Ximena Sariñana, Juan Manuel Torreblanca, Madame Récamier and Hello Seahorse!

All are easier on the ears than Black, whose uncle just happens to be a Cuernavaca city council member with the PRI in the Mexican state of Morelos, and deserve a wider audience for their stand. More musicians, probably compromising other genres, are slated to appear in a follow-up video demanding a free and informed vote next month. In the meantime, check out interviews I conducted for the Weekly with some of those comprising #MusicosconYoSoy132!

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