Mitchell Townsend, This Week's Lesbros, Name Checks Kim Deal, Kim Shattuck, Miki Berenyi, Joan Jett and Red Five

Aww, how cute! Huntington Beach resident and all around guitar dude Mitchell Townsend (he's played with Matt Costa, Jack Johnson , The 88 and The Watson Twins and is co-founder of music house Sword & Shield Music Co .) has a lengthy interview on, where he's touted as this week's Lesbro.

What's that, you ask? A "lesbro is a male friend to at least one, but possibly several, lesbians."

Anyway, in it Townsend says, the best thing about his lesbian friends is the "same thing that is awesome about any of my friends. They are interesting, funny, good people that help make existence a lot less boring...A person's sexual orientation is a senseless consideration at that point. Great people are great people, whether they like to play with boobs, wieners or legos."

Then he goes on to dish about awesome women in rock that he knew; read on after the jump.

  • Kim Deal (Breeders, Pixies) is one of the coolest people alive and at that time could out-drink anyone on earth.

  • Kim Shattuck from The Muffs was another lady who was super cool and cute as hell, yet would have no problem punching you in the face if you gave her a good reason.

  • I fell in love with Miki Berenyi, the singer of Lush, after seeing her open a beer bottle with her teeth.

  • I saw Joan Jett when I got dragged out to a Warped Tour one year and her sheer rock n' roll sincerity made every other band on the bill sound like they were still playing in a garage.

  • Red Five, which broke up in 2000: Beth Carmellini and Jenni Mcilrath -- the two wonderful ladies from Red Five, true Queens Of Rock in their own rights -- are both doing great. Beth lives in Oakland. She paints, still writes music, still sings and plays guitar like a wicked motherf--ker. Jenni is back in Los Angeles after a stint living in Brazil. She is raising a family and is also still writing great music with her soothing voice of gold. I love both of them dearly and my time spent in that band were some of the greatest times of my life.

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