The Queen of Juice County
The Queen of Juice County
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Miss Char's Rap Skills Are 'Self Explanatory'

Miss Char excavates the depths of her soul knowing an unexamined life ain't worth rhyming about. With that, OC's top femcee debuts with Self Explanatory, an 8-song mixtape that only pads the 18-year-old rising rhymer's resume. The title is suggestive of the subject matter as the rapper literally seeks to explain herself. All throughout, Miss Char displays an old school experimental underground rhyme style, delivering dizzying truth sermons before relaxing into a hippie haze. This dynamic is most pronounced on "Wounded," an anti-materialistic anthem extolling the virtues of a spiritually-minded life. "It might seem like a mess, kid / Just watch what you digestin' / Might just go and spread the infection," she warns before going into a slinky chorus. The wisdom from the youngster shows potential and promise for years to come.

On feeling the pressure of a buzz artist to deliver a strong mixtape: "I definitely felt a lot of pressure. I think that's what made it take even longer figuring out how to get a good compilation. I'd think about it and how life is constantly fluctuating at the same time. I always felt like it could be better. But somebody told me something I needed to hear one day, "You just gotta do it. You're capturing a moment in your life. What you have now is perfect. Just put it out." And that's exactly what I did. I'm so happy with the final product."

On the most personal, introspective 'self explanatory' song: "I wrote "Two negatives=+" a long time ago. It was poetry before and I decided to find a beat for it. "Two negatives=+" is me talking about myself as two different people. It almost covers my entire life: emotional problems, self-esteem issues and not feeling worth it but then finding it in the end so that it ties back into the present. That's why I say 'two negatives equal a positive' because it's just a bunch of negatives but it equals what it was supposed to in the end."

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