Metallica Releases PSA To Help FBI Catch Fan's Killer

Metallica Releases PSA To Help FBI Catch Fan's Killer

No one has ever mistaken heavy metal pioneers Metallica as the type to give a public service announcement. However, recently the band used their celebrity to take up a special cause--  help the FBI catch the a fan's killer. The band released a PSA in order to help uncover new information that could lead to the arrest for the person responsible for murdering a college-aged fan who disappeared after a 2009 show in Charlottesville, Va.

Morgan Harrington, a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student went missing and three months later, her skeletal remains were found on a remote farm about 10 miles from the venue. According to FBI reports, she was last seen hitchhiking near the venue.

The FBI sought the help of the San Francisco-natives to use their celebrity with hopes that fans who attended the show could provide information to help solve the murder.

This isn't the first time where a rock band helped authorities with an investigation. Both Pearl Jam in 2000 and Sugarland last year assisted local police after fans died at festivals where each performed.

In the video, singer James Hetfield implores any fans with knowledge of the event come forward with any information to help solve the case. In the video, there's a composite sketch of the suspect and there's a $150,000 reward for any tip that leads to a suspect. Watch the video below:

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